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Even more ObjC-jutsu

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From time to time I accumulate cute little hacks that help debug/reverse engineer stuff in Objective-C. Typically, these are gdb macros that help introspect data from within a live program, though sometimes it’s a blob of ObjC code that does something fun when injected into the runtime. Today, I’ve discovered something extraordinarily helpful that falls into neither of those categories. (more…)



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(Title intentionally left singular) Every now and then, a person experiences a day that stands apart from the rest. While trekking to San Francisco for WWDC, I have had to opportunity to have such a day. And I’m only in Denver (and will be for at least the next 4 hours!). (more…)


Warning: WWDC imminent

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The day of reckoning is nigh at hand. Sunday night I depart for California, the land of San Francisco, with smokris, for adventures untold. What lies in store for us? Only time will tell…. (more…)



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The past few weeks have been largely under the radar, with a lot going on with software, finance, and Alias. I always find it funny when people start approaching me in real life to ask whether or not things are going ok since I haven’t written anything in N weeks (where N is an integer greater than 0). Fear not, I am ok 🙂 (more…)

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