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(Sorry for another finance-related post) For anyone who follows my investing procedures, you’d know that I was a fantastically boring etf-only kind of investor. exposure to individual companies is simply too much risk for too little reward, and requires too much research to do well. (more…)


Zecco Free in October (!)

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Ok, if you’ve been wanting to start playing with stocks and bonds, but have been put off by minimums or per-trade fees, has recently announced that October will be 100% free for all trades, no minimums. (more…)


(ir)rational investing

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Late last night, I almost lost it. I almost panicked. And worse, I almost changed the plan. Very dangerous that. I can finally see how emotional investing must be. Crazy stuff, that. (more…)



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An interesting phenomenon came to my attention today. Perhaps somewhat conspiracy-theory-esq, yet interesting at the same time. It deals with production, destruction, and market valuation. (more…)

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