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hand holding

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Lately, Alias has been teaching our daughter how to hold our hand when we walk places. This is a relatively new experience for her, since she’s accustomed to us carrying her, putting her in a stroller, or leaving her to her own self-directed devices. Nevertheless, she’s picked the skill up well, and basically performs admirably. (more…)


MMX (and not the ISA)

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MMX was an instruction set added by Intel to its processor lineup in the mid 1990’s.  It was marketed as a parallelization technology (it wasn’t) that would accelerate your games (it didn’t).  Offering an integer-only instruction set to a world that had largely moved on to floating point wasn’t particularly interesting or useful (though it did have a few fun applications), but that didn’t stop me from writing about it a long long time ago here.  I won’t be elaborating further on that.  Instead, I’d much rather go over the other MMX, also known as 2010.



Ghost in the shell

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I was planning on some really cool technical junk for tonight’s post, but midway through the day I caught word of a friend’s death. (more…)


First Week -or- The Craziest Story Ever Told

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I’ve been chilling in my new Cupertino apartment for about 3 days now.  Jet Lag still makes me wake up between 5 and 6am local time, but strangely allows me to stay up till midnight.  When I need to go somewhere, I walk, and until Alisa gets here next week, I likely won’t have much in the way of amenities.  Not that I’m in dire need, mind you — it’s just not a priority at the moment. (more…)



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The vast majority of my employment time is spent solving problems.  The remainder is spent in a sort of meta-problem-solving state, where I try to organize the order in which I should solve the problems that are outstanding to maximise some set of criteria (where the criteria is usually a tug between profits, personal curiosity, and getting people to shut up.) (more…)


Vanity and prescience

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I am a somewhat vain person, and once I got my car, I decided to brand it with a variation of my name for my license place.  My name, being Christopher, could be somewhat shortened/abbreviated as “xtopher”. (more…)


“Security Questions”

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Every time I have to register for some site that performs financial transactions on my behalf, I have to register, create an account, and then pick stupid security questions.  These used to be fairly static questions, but then a few years ago someone got the bright idea to make variations on them to make it “more secure”.  The end result, however, is less than desirable.



$25 for funding a 529 plan

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From now (actually a couple weeks ago) until December 15th, 2008, you can get a free $25 contribution if you open a new 529 account at and deposit $25.  (meaning, you add $25, they add $25 a week or so later, doubling your investment.)   Pretty slick, so here’s how it works.



Ohio Ballot

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As per my usual voting routine, I spent some time tonight reading up on the Ohio ballot issues, so that I would be prepared to Vote monday or tuesday.  Somewhat surprisingly, many of the issues are solidly related to financial matters.




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(Sorry for another finance-related post) For anyone who follows my investing procedures, you’d know that I was a fantastically boring etf-only kind of investor. exposure to individual companies is simply too much risk for too little reward, and requires too much research to do well. (more…)

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