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@synchronized, NSLock, pthread, OSSpinLock showdown, done right

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Somewhere out there on the internet, there’s a “showdown” between @synchronized, NSLock, pthread mutexes, and OSSpinLock. It aims to measure their performance relative to each other, but uses sloppy code to perform the measuring. As a result, while the performance ordering is correct (@synchronized is the slowest, OSSpinLock is the fastest), the relative cost is severely misrepresented. Herein I attempt to rectify that benchmark.



CollegeAdvantage referral bonus again

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Last year, CollegeAdvantage’s 529 college savings plan offered a referral bonus where those opening new accounts, as well as those referring them, received $25 bonuses.  They’ve recently reinstated that bonus, so I figured I’d post some shameless self-promoting in the hopes of getting y’all some free college savings (for kids, etc), and get some for me as well (for our future children). (more…)


alloc, allocWithZone showdown

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This brief post will explore some more mundane (but still measurable!) aspects of optimizing Objective-C software.  This time around, we’ll talk about object allocation. (more…)

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