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$25 for funding a 529 plan

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From now (actually a couple weeks ago) until December 15th, 2008, you can get a free $25 contribution if you open a new 529 account at and deposit $25.  (meaning, you add $25, they add $25 a week or so later, doubling your investment.)   Pretty slick, so here’s how it works.




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(Sorry for another finance-related post) For anyone who follows my investing procedures, you’d know that I was a fantastically boring etf-only kind of investor. exposure to individual companies is simply too much risk for too little reward, and requires too much research to do well. (more…)


(ir)rational investing

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Late last night, I almost lost it. I almost panicked. And worse, I almost changed the plan. Very dangerous that. I can finally see how emotional investing must be. Crazy stuff, that. (more…)



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An interesting phenomenon came to my attention today. Perhaps somewhat conspiracy-theory-esq, yet interesting at the same time. It deals with production, destruction, and market valuation. (more…)


Discounts and Timing

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For the cave-dwellers in the audience, it may come as a surprise to know that the economy basically threw itself off a cliff late last year. From that point on, it has basically continued to fall, sometimes briefly regaining, only to lose it all again. (more…)


Flawless Victory

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For those that know me well, you’ll know that I am actually a huge finance nerd. I talk the talk, I have strong opinions, and I tell people what to do a lot. In some ways, I would like to think that I’m some kind of Financial Badass, even though I don’t make all that much money. (yes, chris just said that 😉 ) (more…)


The Cost of Inaction

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In computer science, there is a technique called “Lazy Evaluation” that finds use in performance saving and error avoidance. It works by holding off on performing calculations until it is known for certain that the results are needed. (more…)


Personal Finance: Stop. Budget Time(?)

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For the past year or so that I’ve been writing about personal finance (and, for the past 4 or 5 years that I’ve been obsessed with it), I’ve changed my mind on a number of things. One constant has remained, however: My position on having a budget. (more…)


Free $25 till May 15th

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There’s a company called Revolution Money Exchange that’s trying to become competition to PayPal. As such, they’re willing to pay people $25 for creating an account. No monthly or annual fee, no deposits required. Just $25 for opening an account, if you do it before May 15th. Pretty slick, I think 🙂

You can enjoy this offer here:

Additionally, you get $10 for each person you refer that also opens an account (up to $500, or 50 referrals). More slickness 🙂

Sorry if this came off as a promotional ad or informercial. There’ll be a better note in a day or two (it’s been a crazy week, let me tell you 😉

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