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Stranger Than Fiction

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Truth, as they say, is stranger than fiction. And today has been no exception.

First, I _Finally_ had a date go through that was entirely up to my choosing. As unusual as it sounds, I’ve actually never gone on a date where I initiated and set stuff up. This was new and exciting, and we had a lot of fun. The zoo’s a fun place, and we shared a few laughs. We’ll see what, if anything, happens. [This date was not with Couchmate]

Prior to that, I of course had to make sure that things on Other Fronts were ok with such a move. Well, not so much “ok” as “won’t flip out, cause negative consequences, or perform self-mutilation as a result of such a decision”. Mercifully, things were quite sane. However, there was an interesting question (“How familiar are you with E”, she asked). Unfolding the statements and conversation revealed that E had apparently suggested strongly, in no uncertain terms to Couchmate that Couchmate and I should get married.

I. Kid. You. Not.

That made things a bit interesting — I wasn’t expecting such a recommendation from E, and I don’t know that such an assessment is accurate anyway. But for the couchmate it added a bit of fuel. Glad I had the opportunity to restore things to relative normalcy before that got out of hand. If nothing else, intentions are now fairly clear (not that they weren’t before, really) so I can accurately discuss and address them. Always a win.

Then, at the (wimpy) dance, couchmate and I decided to grab some ice cream (Sorbet actually) from ColdStone — I wanted to talk a bit, to confirm in person that things really were ok, which they were. On our way back, we were approached by a Hobo (as is often the case on Campus) who discussed religion briefly, then said “I know that she’s your wife — be sure to love her always, and never separate from her”. He then went on to ask for money, which we declined (he didn’t accept American Express), and let us go on our way. This was essentially an exclamation point on the phrase “Awkward!” for the day.

If I didn’t know better, I’d almost think there was some kind of conspiracy going on…

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