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Vanity and prescience

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I am a somewhat vain person, and once I got my car, I decided to brand it with a variation of my name for my license place.  My name, being Christopher, could be somewhat shortened/abbreviated as “xtopher”.

After doing that, many discussions ensued to try to divine how to pronounce that.  “Christopher”, of course, being the intended meaning, with “ecks-topher” being a common pronounciation as well.  However, in just a couple discussions, I explained (fictitiously, I might add) that the X was actually like when you sign a letter with Xs and Os, to mean “Kisses” and “Hugs” respectively.  Using that rule, it would be pronouced “kiss topher”, which I thought was relatively cute (and since I was single at the time, it was a fun diversion from an otherwise kiss-less reality).

Fast forward more than a year (to today, in fact).  Over new years I discovered that the municipality of Hilliard, Ohio, had subpoenaed me (and sent warning letters and everything) by mailing crap to an address that wasn’t mine, but was one that I used for a couple years when I had financial stuff mailed to someone with power-of-attorney over my bank accounts while I was away.  I never lived at the address, and never claimed it as an address, but apparently Hilliard decided that I had lived there, and falsified my 2007 state tax return to say that I had — The way to disprove this, of course, is to call the IRS, get a transcript of my 2007 return (including non-Hilliard address), show it to them, then get them off my back.  *rolls eyes*  See future post on more details of this (with pictures! 🙂

So anyway, back to the story – we fast-forwarded, and I was on the phone with an IRS guy.  While verifying my identity and discussing what I needed and when, he mentioned that the IRS had misspelled my name when they entered it.  They omitted the “R” from Christopher, rendering it “Chistopher”, which is amusingly similar to my fabricated “kiss-topher” name mentioned above..

Looks like my ficticious stories were actually the product of my elite prescience skills knowing that the IRS had misspelled my name. 🙂

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  1. that’s funny and awesome! it’s fawesome!

    Comment by Reed — 2009.02.17 @ 2:58 pm

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