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CollegeAdvantage referral bonus again

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Last year, CollegeAdvantage’s 529 college savings plan offered a referral bonus where those opening new accounts, as well as those referring them, received $25 bonuses.  They’ve recently reinstated that bonus, so I figured I’d post some shameless self-promoting in the hopes of getting y’all some free college savings (for kids, etc), and get some for me as well (for our future children).Signing up is quick and easy, and it only requires $25.  You can enroll at — be sure to use “2439614” as your referral number (that’s me).

Once opened, you can put money aside for college expenses later on while benefiting from some serious tax advantages.  You can read more about them on wikipedia:  CollegeAdvantage offers a bunch of funds, and they’re generally quite high-quality funds.  With a 529, you can change the beneficiary at any time, so you can open it with yourself as the designated recipient (I’ve done that, as we have no kids right now), and change it later (once kids arrive).  Or, if you have kids now, you can set it to them today.

This offer’s good till December 15th, 2009, and requires an initial deposit of $25.  You’ll receive your $25 bonus shortly thereafter.

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