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hand holding

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Lately, Alias has been teaching our daughter how to hold our hand when we walk places. This is a relatively new experience for her, since she’s accustomed to us carrying her, putting her in a stroller, or leaving her to her own self-directed devices. Nevertheless, she’s picked the skill up well, and basically performs admirably.
To put the skills to the test, this morning I decided to take her to the park about half a mile away. She did great, but she was pretty tired by the time we got there (this was to be expected, and was also part of the plan – the hope was that if we sufficiently exhausted her, she’d sleep better throughout the night, thereby letting us sleep more soundly as well).
Along the way she briefly took breaks to look at rocks or flowers, but quickly resumed holding my hand when the aforementioned inspection was completed. The one exception to this was when a small, curious letter ‘d’ (or was it ‘p’, and we were looking at it upside down?) was marked on a passing driveway. Learning letter has been a recent interest of hers, so she’s always on the lookout for them. Prior to departing on this sojourn she was happily poking at our license plate for similar reasons.
Perhaps more interestingly, the resident at the alphabetted driveway house was home (a 20-30 something? woman), along with a 4-6 year old girl (presumably her daughter). Her daughter quickly took an interest in my daughter, but mine was stricken with shyness, such that she didn’t really speak (her normal mode of operation is to make noise a lot, babbling about whatever she’s thinking I suppose). However she did approach them (the mother-esq person was holding a magazine of some sort, and those of full of letters to look at!) without much hesitation.
I think this (the walks to the park, at least) will become a routine. Hopefully it’ll become our bonding time as she grows and learns to both explore the world and express herself more. Right now, at 17 months, she’s not much of a conversationalist, but even so it reinvigorates my imagination, looking at the world as though it was through new, discovering eyes.

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